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The introduction of the "new 36 articles" stimulated the development of construction machinery in all aspects

regulation of the real estate market, and the stock market plunged. Private capital urgently needs an export

according to statistics, in 2009, the national investment increased by 31%, the investment of Chinese enterprises increased by 40% - 50%, and the growth of private investment was only 27%. The private capital that has been active in the market for a long time in Zhejiang alone has exceeded 1trillion yuan. Where can these funds originally used for real estate speculation now flow? They are widely used in household appliances, communications, medical treatment, automotive electronics, solar photovoltaic, wind power and other fields, and the performance indicators of the whole series of products have reached the leading level at home and abroad

On May 13, the State Council issued several opinions on encouraging and guiding the healthy development of private investment (hereinafter referred to as the opinions), proposing 36 specific measures to promote private capital to enter several important industries such as infrastructure construction, municipal public utilities, and policy rental housing construction. Private capital seems to find a release point with more investment potential than the real estate market

these fields can almost be linked to the construction machinery industry from the aspects of investment, user needs, financial services and so on. It can be said that the "new 36 articles" have driven the development of the construction machinery industry in all aspects

stimulate user groups

the second content of the opinions "encourages and guides private capital to enter the field of basic industries and infrastructure" and the third content "encourages and guides private capital to enter the field of municipal public utilities and policy housing construction", which further relaxed the restrictions on private capital's participation in infrastructure and public facilities construction

a considerable number of users of construction machinery products are individual users, and these users have a high enthusiasm to participate in the market. However, some industries have always excluded private enterprises. For example, a few years ago, many mines were shut down one after another. Only the mining of state-owned enterprises continues to promote the establishment of China's green manufacturing alliance. In most state-owned mines, individual users can only carry out earthwork or other construction outside the mine, but they have no right to enter the mine to participate in the mining of mineral resources or the first transportation

According to Article 10 of the opinions, private capital should be encouraged to participate in land remediation and mineral resources exploration and development. It was clearly mentioned that private capital should be encouraged and guided to invest in the restoration and treatment of the mine geological environment, and the mining rights market should be fully opened to private capital. This may mean that private capital is expected to enter the mining industry. For construction machinery enterprises, this undoubtedly means a huge market

in addition, the Opinions also encourages private capital to participate in infrastructure construction fields such as transportation, water conservancy projects, electric power, oil and gas and telecommunications construction. The impact of infrastructure construction on the construction machinery industry is vividly shown in the package of policies. This time, encouraging private participation in infrastructure construction is expected to ensure the consistency and pulling effect of the policy, so as to have a sustainable effect on the market

this role is comprehensive. In addition, the policy effect of encouraging private capital to enter the field of municipal public utilities and policy housing construction in the third item can affect almost all construction machinery products

whether the monopoly industry can be truly liberalized, construction machinery users are still waiting to see. Once the policy is confirmed to be effectively implemented, it is expected to bring a sustainable peak sales season to the industry

industry variables increase

after the financial crisis, the differentiation of enterprises in the construction machinery industry has become increasingly significant. Some enterprises have shown signs of sluggish development, and there is an urgent need for fundamental changes in the system. Item 8 of the opinions points out that private capital restructuring should be encouraged and guided to unite and participate in the reform of state-owned enterprises. This news will undoubtedly bring new variables to the pattern change of the construction machinery industry

in the construction machinery industry, state-owned enterprises account for the vast majority. However, it is not uncommon for private capital to get involved in the construction machinery industry

Sany group and Longgong are just examples of self-made and successful private enterprises. Sany group has achieved the first position in the industry in excavator, rotary drilling rig and other products; Longgong is firmly at the forefront of the loader, the most representative product of China's construction machinery

at the same time, there are also some private capital involved in the middle of the process, among which the most representative one is Fudiao heavy industry. This is an enterprise with a history of 100 years. It was once an old state-owned enterprise that lacked vitality and was trapped by system problems. In 2003, Xu Zhenyuan, a Zhejiang businessman who started his career in real estate, took charge of Fushou heavy industry, revitalized the enterprise and regained the leading position in the crawler crane industry

in recent years, new Huanggong and Yigong, which are famous for a while, have changed their owners several times, which shows the cruelty of the market. The crane industry is the worst. Three of the top four enterprises once chose the joint venture Road, and Puyuan was included in the account of Zoomlion... These cases undoubtedly illustrate that there are quite a lot of integration opportunities in the construction machinery industry

the high professional level of the construction machinery industry has set some obstacles for private capital. For investors, the difficulty of anticipating investment risks is an important factor that makes them wait-and-see. Most of the leading enterprises in the construction machinery industry are exploring new fields by means of mergers and acquisitions, which is a typical way of capital operation. Private capital is nothing more than a larger span. What is needed at this time is people who dare to eat crabs

financial leasing may regulate the fifth item of the opinions, that is, the general article 18, which allows private capital to set up financial institutions. On the premise of strengthening effective supervision, promoting standardized operation and preventing financial risks, the restrictions on the share ratio of financial institutions were relaxed with a month on month decrease of 14.4%. It refers to various forms of financial institutions, including credit guarantee companies and financial intermediary service institutions

although this content does not directly mention financial leasing companies, it is reasonable to extend to this field according to the specific meaning of the content. Relax the private capital to set up financial institutions, which is bound to also relax the existing enterprises to expand the business of financial services. For the construction machinery industry, it is a good time to comprehensively implement the financial leasing business

the financial leasing business in the construction machinery industry has been carried out for a long time, but it has been lack of relevant laws to protect it. In order to seize the market, since last year, some enterprises have privately relaxed the conditions of financial leasing, which has greatly disrupted the market order. Zhanghanxu, general manager of XCMG financial leasing company, said that if the nonstandard competition continues, this form of financial leasing may even be cancelled

the introduction of relevant policies in the opinions has provided space for the development of financial leasing business in a certain sense. For the industry, what we need to do now is to exercise strict self-discipline and strive to ensure the legitimacy of the form of financial leasing in the form of legislation as soon as possible

moreover, the introduction of this policy has also relaxed the main body of financial leasing. Not only the main engine manufacturing enterprises can carry out this business, but also the agents and even the legal entities that have no connection with the construction machinery can carry out the financial leasing business. This means that the market will likely be magnified in series, thus promoting its prosperity again

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