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The "lifeline" of the city must not be lost - the Xinsong robot guard was officially launched

the "lifeline" of the city must not be lost - the Xinsong robot guard was officially launched

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original title: the "lifeline" of the city must not be lost - the Xinsong robot guard was officially launched

with the installation of the last robot track, The intelligent inspection robot project of Shenyang underground comprehensive pipe gallery (Nanyun reach) project was successfully completed before the bell rang in 2019

defender of the "lifeline" of the city

urban integrated pipe gallery is a tunnel space built underground in the city, which integrates various engineering pipelines such as power, communication, gas, heating, water supply and drainage. It can effectively solve the "road zipper" problem and the chaotic "spider" overhead line problem caused by excavation and construction. It is known as an important infrastructure and "lifeline" to ensure the smooth operation of the city

the intelligent inspection robot designed and developed by Xinsong is the most dedicated guardian of this "lifeline": during the day, it ensures the stable and efficient production and operation of all walks of life; At night, we guard the warm time when thousands of families are brightly lit

"5+2" and "white plus black" spirit

the whole integrated tube experiment is equipped with a universal experimental machine Gallery, which runs through the old urban area of Shenyang. The total length of the trunk line is 12.63 kilometers. The robot inspection system set in the d6-d7 section has the functions of star level video monitoring, thermal infrared imaging, autonomous charging, abnormal warning, temperature, humidity and oxygen content detection

since the construction of the robot project, the project team has overcome various difficulties such as tight construction time and heavy tasks. Through reasonable arrangement and careful organization, it has given full play to the "5+2" and "white plus black" rush spirit, and completed various management goals. The project will play an important role in meeting the needs of Shenyang's people's livelihood and improving the city's comprehensive carrying capacity

The successful completion of the project of

smart city practitioner

pipe gallery inspection robot is another masterpiece of Xinsong in the field of smart city. As a provider of fully intelligent products and services, Xinsong has always been a practitioner of smart city. It has worked hard in this emerging field for a long time. Through continuous exploration and improvement in the development of this kind of situation, it has formed a comprehensive smart city solution:

(figure) Xinsong Shenyang Metro AFC system interconnection transformation project. Through this transformation, Shenyang Metro can support all mainstream payment methods on the market

(Figure) as the general contractor of the first urban underground integrated pipe gallery in Shenyang - the integrated pipe gallery demonstration project in the south section of the North South Expressway, Xinsong has achieved the national and industrial quality acceptance standards after the completion of the project, meeting the overall project excellence planning

(Figure) Xinsong 5g intelligent inspection robot fully considers the organic combination of 5g large bandwidth (embB), low delay (urllc) transmission capacity and the security inspection requirements of intelligent robot. Provide new momentum for the development of the security industry and promote the upgrading of the intelligence of the security industry

(Figure) intelligent transportation solution (car, etc.) provides a set of "intelligent low-carbon travel services" based on vehicle location, and provides convenient transportation service software products with real-time arrival information, providing information support for the vigorous development of green transportation

(Figure) NFC payment business is to load various card applications used in your daily life into NFC capable, and you can easily realize consumption by holding NFC close to the corresponding business acceptance terminal and swiping it

(Figure) the automatic ticket checker is installed between the paid area and the non paid area of the station, and can accept the automatic ticket checking of contactless one-way IC truck tickets and stored value tickets. Provide quick payment solutions with poor accuracy and sensitivity of NFC and fast hardness tester

(Figure) the automatic ticket vending machine is installed in the non paying area of the station, with relevant operation instructions and prompts to guide passengers to buy tickets or add value. It is equipped with touch screen, passenger display and operation status display, which are used for man-machine communication and display of various information and equipment operation status

(Figure) Xinsong rail transit environment and equipment monitoring system (BAS) adopts computer network, automatic control, communication, distributed intelligence and other technologies to realize the three-level control and management mode of subway environment and equipment system, so as to ensure the safety of passengers and the normal operation of equipment

(Figure) the subway screen door system is a necessary facility for modern subway engineering. It is set along the edge of the subway platform, which will explain that the fan parts may be damaged by inertial force, and the train is isolated from the subway platform. This product is widely used in subway, urban rail, high-speed rail and other transportation fields, and is installed on the station platform

for a long time, with the spirit of independent innovation and R & D as the driving force, Xinsong has fully integrated information technology and information resources represented by IOT, cloud computing and next-generation Internet technology, gathered scientific and technological wisdom and endowed everything with intelligence. Strive to achieve the precise and intelligent management of all areas of the city and the intensive use of relevant resources, and help China seize the commanding height in the wave of global smart city layout, in order to better grasp the huge opportunities brought by the new round of information technology reform, so as to promote the continuous improvement of people's living standards and the sound and rapid development of China's economy and society

smart Xinsong, leading the future

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