The lightest magnetoelastomer material in the worl

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Harbin Institute of technology has developed the world's lightest magnetoelastomer material

recently, the research group of Professor Li Hui, School of civil engineering, Harbin Institute of technology successfully developed a new intelligent graphene aerogel material, which is the lightest magnetoelastomer material in the world and can be widely used in many fields

Professor Li Hui's research team used the improved hydrothermal method to deposit superparamagnetic nano ferric oxide particles in situ during the self-assembly of large pieces of graphene oxide, and took the lead in studying and realizing the intelligent characteristics of graphene aerogel, such as recoverable large deformation and piezoresistive effect induced by external directional magnetic field. The developed intelligent graphene aerogel material provides a new idea for the research of magnetoelastomer materials. The material can be widely used in the fields of self sensing flexible actuators, micro nano switches, valves, remote control absorption of oil and heavy metal ions, and energy storage and dissipation

it is understood that using the excellent properties of graphene to build a macrostructure based on graphene has become a research hotspot in the field of materials. Among many graphene assembly structures, graphene aerogel is one of the most attractive structures. Its rich pore structure, large specific surface area should make the jaw symmetrically clamp the sample as required, excellent compression performance and good electrical conductivity, so that graphene aerogel has broad application prospects in the fields of electrode materials, catalyst carriers, supercapacitors, sensors and pollutant adsorption

at present, domestic and foreign scholars' research on graphene aerogel mainly focuses on mechanical compression, conductivity, electrochemical catalysis and adsorption performance, and there is little research on its controllability, driving and dynamic response under external loads such as electric field and magnetic field

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