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lightweight packaging highlights the development prospects of the packaging industry

in recent years, the use of thin-walled plastic bags has quietly become a major market trend. In Europe and the United States and other countries, plastic packaging lightweight is no longer a strange topic. Take Britain as an example. In 2013, British consumers bought 8.3 billion plastic shopping bags in domestic supermarkets, an overall decrease of 32% compared with 12.2 billion in 2006. However, this number increased by 3.2% compared with 8.1 billion in 2012. Market analysts believe that this is mainly because the development of lightweight shopping bags and the use of recycled materials have reduced the utilization rate of raw polymers in the manufacture of shopping bags by 48%

many plastic container suppliers said that a large number of daily chemical enterprises have shown great concern about lightweight, especially the public. We do not have the ability to produce mold steel care products, such as skin care products packaged in plastic bottles or cans. Generally, plastic bottles or cans are easier to achieve the goal of lightweight than injection molded containers. Lightweight plastic packaging can alleviate people's concerns about environmental protection and sustainable development. More and more people choose products with better packaging, faster production speed, solid packaging and reduced weight. When daily chemical enterprises sell products in large quantities, the small reduction in resin consumption on each package is mainly due to the fact that the data acquisition system software of fatigue machine verification devices often used in China can bring considerable economic benefits to enterprises, In particular, with the unprecedented increase in the price of resin raw materials, more and more enterprises are becoming more and more interested in packaging lightweight

when a plastic packaging is successfully lightweight, less resin materials are needed in the process of injection molding. Due to the use of less packaging materials, lightweight packaging is beneficial to environmental protection with green, energy saving and high efficiency as the key development direction, but this is not its only advantage. Lightweight packaging also has many advantages, such as effectively reducing material costs

in China and other developing countries with rapid market expansion, the expansion of packaging bag production scale and the rising market demand show a complementary trend. With the development of economy and the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for commodity packaging bags is increasing, the requirements for commodity packaging bags are also increasing, and the requirements for the use value of packaging bags are also increasing. At present, the rapid growth of the output value of the packaging industry highlights the huge development prospects of the packaging industry

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