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Classroom lighting does not meet the standard, which affects students' eyesight. The brighter the light is, the better.

children's myopia, or related to classroom lighting does not meet the standard.

the Ministry of education has conducted a survey on classroom lighting in Nanning and other cities, and will issue the classroom lighting industry standard

do you know whether children can see the blackboard in class, in addition to students' eyesight and distance from the blackboard, it has a lot to do with the lighting and lighting of the classroom. From December 7 to 9, the education equipment research and development center of the Ministry of education, Guangxi education technology equipment center and school Lighting Environment Research Center conducted an investigation on the lighting of school classrooms in Nanning. It is reported that Nanning is the sixth city surveyed nationwide, and the final data collected will provide a reference for the Ministry of education to issue classroom lighting industry standards

substandard classroom lighting affects students' vision

"in China, there is a visual defect. Among people over 5 years old, the proportion of myopia is close to 40%." Shen Yingqi, director of the school logistics equipment department of the educational equipment research and development center of the Ministry of education, said that in June this year, China's first white paper on systematic research on visual health, "national visual health", was released. The number of myopia in China is close to 500million, and teenagers' myopia remains high

Chinese middle school students spend about 60% of their time in the classroom every day. Too dark and too bright lighting, stroboscopic lighting, glare caused by light, etc., are easy to make eyes tired, which is one of the main reasons for the decline of eyesight of primary and secondary school students in China

as early as 2011, the Ministry of health and the National Standardization Commission issued the hygienic standard for lighting and illumination in primary and secondary school classrooms, which puts forward mandatory requirements for the average illumination and uniformity of classroom desks and classroom blackboards, the light color temperature and display index of classroom lamps, and the unified glare index of classrooms

Shen Yingqi said that in the past few years, the standards of that year have been "outdated", and some indicators now seem to be too low. In addition, considering the situation of lamps in China, stroboscopic (light flicker) was not included in the standard 13 When changing the loading of the experimental machine, it should be stable, but in fact, stroboscopic will aggravate visual fatigue. The new classroom lighting standards will put forward new requirements in these aspects

the lighting in classrooms across the country is generally not up to standard

at about 3 p.m. on December 7, I followed the relevant personnel of the education equipment research and development center of the Ministry of education into class 13, grade 2 of a high school in Nanning. The students of this class go out for physical education class. There are 10 fluorescent lights in the classroom. When the lights are turned on and the curtains are pulled, the whole classroom looks very bright

Xu Jianxing is the director of the school lighting environment research center, responsible for the afternoon test. He chose a desk in a remote corner, put the multi-functional illuminometer on the desktop and started the switch. The instrument screen immediately displayed: illumination 246lux (Lu non-woven tensile testing machine also uses the detection X of the material as the unit of illumination). Then, he tested the light intensity of the blackboard, and the data showed that it was about 200lux. Xu Jianxing said that according to the national standard, the lighting intensity of the classroom should not be less than 300lux, which shows that this classroom is "not bright enough"

"in classrooms with fluorescent lights, the stroboscopic standard is generally exceeded." In order to explain what stroboscopic is, Xu Jianxing asked him to take it out and turn on the camera function to shoot a video against the light, in which the light kept flashing. Xu Jianxing explained that sometimes the naked eye cannot feel the light stroboscopic, but this does not mean that stroboscopic does not exist. In order to adapt to stroboscopic, the naked eye will constantly adjust the lens, resulting in visual fatigue. In this survey, it is planned to incorporate the light stroboscopic index into the classroom lighting industry standard of the Ministry of education

it is reported that due to natural light in the afternoon, it is only a simple test. In order to make the data accurate, the staff of the national lamp quality supervision and inspection center and the school Lighting Environment Research Center conducted a systematic inspection on the classroom lighting of two schools in Nanning that night, and the data included multiple indexes such as illumination, glare, color temperature, etc. The final analysis results will not come out until a week later

in fact, Nanning is not the only place with classroom lighting problems. According to Xu Jianxing, in addition to Shanghai, which underwent classroom lighting transformation in 2008, the detection situation is good. The detection situation of other cities that have been investigated before is not much different from that of Nanning, and there are common problems such as insufficient illumination, stroboscopic, glare and so on

the brighter the light, the better.

it's not good if the light is too dark, and it's also bad if it's too bright. According to Xu Jianxing, the higher the light intensity, the better. It's like reading in the sun, which makes you feel dazzling and your eyes "can't open". If you see the light dazzling with the naked eye, it means that the glare is too strong. If you use your eyes in an environment with strong glare for a long time, you will also experience visual fatigue. In the course of this survey, there are schools in Xiamen with too high light intensity

according to Shen Yingqi, at present, fluorescent lamps and LED lamps are mainly used for classroom lighting in schools in China. Among them, the color of fluorescent lamp declines seriously. When the brightness is lower than 80% of the original, it should be replaced in time. However, many people have a misunderstanding in using the lamp. If the lamp tube does not burn, it will always maintain a 0.5mm gap between the force arm and the gauge rod. In addition, with the development of LED lighting technology, the stability of LED lamps has exceeded that of traditional fluorescent lamps. However, according to the current research, the LED lamps used in classrooms are mixed, and some low-quality LED lamps are even more harmful than fluorescent lamps

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