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Smart cloud intelligent charging pile solution won the 2015 IOT solution

leading the application of IOT advanced technology

on November 26, 2015, the software and integrated circuit Promotion Center (CSIP) of the Ministry of industry and information technology held the 2015 China integrated circuit industry promotion conference in Xiamen with the theme of promoting the linkage between complete machines and chips and building a large integrated circuit industry chain, at which the results of the 10th China chip selection were announced As for the whole machine products that have made outstanding contributions to the linkage between the whole machine and the chip, and the 2015 IOT solution selection results, the gizwits intelligent charging pile solution won the 2015 IOT solution in the smart city application field

smart cloud intelligent charging pile solution won the 2015 IOT solution

smart cloud intelligent charging pile solution (), which is a complete set of intelligent charging overall management service system based on smart cloud independent core technology and more reliable commercial IOT solution after investigating and collecting the industry market demand, and realizes charging pile and user, charging pile and manufacturer, user and manufacturer The information exchange between charging piles and between users simplifies the charging process and fee payment process, improves the idle utilization rate of charging piles, and optimizes the system management and service level of manufacturers

in terms of core technology implementation, smart cloud intelligent charging pile solution utilizes Bluetooth communication, mobile terminal control, GPRS communication, cloud computing, smart switch, PLC and other technologies to integrate. Through the operation and control of charging pile equipment by smart, tablet computers and other mobile terminals, it realizes the intellectualization of charging facilities, provides convenient charging services for electric vehicle users, and can replicate applications on a large scale

smart cloud intelligent charging pile solution won the 2015 IOT solution

to provide electric vehicle users with a friction and wear tester using intelligent terminal Jinan gold test pin plate. It is a proprietary product independently developed and designed for Jinan new era gold test instrument Co., Ltd. to realize information interaction and intelligent control between people and charging piles. The terminal communicates with charging piles through Bluetooth or WiFi functions, Through app software, human-computer interaction, user identity authentication, charging control, data management, communication with background system and other functions can be realized. App can simplify user operation and facilitate the control and management of charging pile

at the same time, APP communicates with the cloud background management system through 3g/wi-fi to realize data synchronization, share the IOT communication system that forms a charging pile, and realize the sharing of charging piles through intelligent services in the cloud, which brings benefits from idle resource utilization for pile users. While meeting the needs of electric vehicle owners to charge at all times, it is provided to other electric vehicle owners, so this system can increase the utilization rate of private charging piles, It solves the problems of electric vehicle owners' difficulty in using piles and charging, and further improves the user experience. At present, the scheme has been applied on a pilot basis in Beijing

2015 IOT solution selection activity is to cooperate with the work related to the promotion and application demonstration of the guiding opinions of the State Council on promoting the orderly and healthy development of IOT (GF [2013] No. 7). Under the guidance of the electronic information department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, CSIP, together with local IOT associations and alliances, carried out the solicitation of IOT solutions, aiming to explore more IOT solutions, Serve the construction of the public service platform of IOT, lay a good foundation for the demonstration, promotion and application of IOT, so as to improve the application level of China's IOT technology, guide enterprises to achieve innovation driven development, support a number of backbone enterprises of IOT, lead the breakthrough and industrialization of key technologies of IOT, and promote the healthy and rapid development of China's IOT industry

the 2015 IOT solution selection activity began in May this year, and the registration was closed on May 30. Based on the principles of fairness and impartiality, it was selected from 11 IOT application fields, and one of the most promising was selected in each field until it was well repaired to continue to invest in the application of asset value IOT projects. The authoritative experts in the industry, leaders of local parks, heads of domestic and foreign investment institutions and heads of alliance institutions will conduct a centralized evaluation of the scheme. According to the opinions issued by experts, the most valuable IOT projects and annual IOT solutions in this solicitation activity will be selected. Among them, the annual IOT solution needs to be technologically progressiveness, Adopt independent core "This year, we will integrate technology from time to time, safe and reliable components, sensors, and software to provide IOT solutions with outstanding effects, strong driving force, high relevance, and large-scale applications.

the organizers will also carry out centralized publicity on the award-winning enterprises selected this time, and further promote them to relevant ministries and commissions, local governments, and industry users through the national integrated circuit public service platform IOT technology innovation center and other carriers Recommend and give priority to the exhibition in the IOT exhibition and experience center, which will also promote the faster implementation and popularization of excellent physical solutions, effectively lead the breakthrough and industrialization of key technologies of the IOT, and better promote the healthy and rapid development and application of the IOT industry in China

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